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Generating bids and formal proposals have never been this easy. Create in minutes a fully calculated quote complete with general arrangement drawings and much more.

  • Prepare overhead, gantry, or JIB quotes with 2-dimensional line drawings, and to scale cad drawings.

  • Adjust your own general margins or item specific margins

  • Create your offer items like installation, transportation, or even a whole new hoist with technical information

  • Get pdf or spreadsheet outputs

  • Use your own logo and company information for documents

  • Master-Dealer / Dealer concept applied

  • Do engineering calculations for steel structures including runways, beams, gantry cranes or even wall running jib cranes

  • Built-in CRM with integrated maps and reports

  • Collection and dispatch tracking

  • Duty Cycle calculator ( FEM 9.755 )

  • Built-in consignment system

  • File sharing system for drawings, spare part identification, application photos and much more.

  • Always up-to-date and can be accessed via mobile, tables, PC or MAC. No need for installation.

  • Cloud Based

  • Set a general mark up across your company account, and/or adjust markups per item.

  • Create documents simultaneously including technical, commercial, proforma invoices, cost itemization of all components and an order form.

  • Respond to RFQs quickly at point of customer contact.

  • Quickly revise or generate new quotes as a “save as” from existing proposals.


CMAK.3D is an integrated module of CMAK.Tools ( Crane Configurator ). With its advanced functions allow CMAK.Tools system to create full scale 3D crane assembly.

  • 3D model of the crane

  • General arrangement drawing in scale

  • Welding Schemes

  • Beam dimensions and exact mass

  • CNC Cutter files

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CMAK, Inc. is a subsidiary of CAKMAK VINC Inc.


2800 Lively Blvd. Elk Grove Villlage, IL

Phone: 1.847.879.11.39