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End Truck Carriages

CMAK end truck carriages and long travel system are built with high-tech geometrical controls. Our end trucks are designed according to FEM classifications to meet their specified service duty.

  • GGG70 / Graphite Cast Iron Wheels

  • Torque-Arm Connection

  • Standard Wheel Sizes:

    • Ø125mm , Ø160mm, Ø200mm , Ø250mm, Ø315mm , Ø400mm , Ø500mm

  • Standard Wheel Bearings:

    • NSK Brand
    • Roller Bearings  (21000, 22000, 23000 series)
  • Option: 45HRC Surface Hardness

Wheel Blocks

  • GGG70 / Graphite Cast Iron Wheels

  • Standard Wheel Sizes:

    • Ø160mm, Ø200mm , Ø250mm, Ø315mm ,Ø400mm
  • Standard Wheel Bearings:

    • NSK Brand
    • Ball Bearings
  • Option: 45HRC Surface Hardness


Crane Kit ordering have never been this easy! Pick a flexykit with options that are available up to 10t x 68′ Span

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Cable Festoon, Cable Drag Chain

CMAK crane’s electricity systems are carefully selected and applied as appropriate crane electricity installation. CMAK electricity systems provide easy installation, modularity and the appropriate solution to your application thanks to the plug/socket system principle.

  • Cable Festoon System or Cable Drag Chain

  • Low cost and effective

  • Effective operation up to 60 meters

  • Modular


CMAK, Inc. is a subsidiary of CAKMAK VINC Inc.


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Phone: 1.847.879.11.39